You are in it for the long haul. As thankful parents of public school kids we are forever in your debt.

You are going to be vested in the pension after 5 years of employment. The pension rules are difficult to understand, so we created tools to help with the process. These are the parts needed to get specific information on your pension options:
  • Your Pension Tier
  • How many years TRS will use to average your salary
  • What you average salary will be for pension purposes
  • Your Base Monthly Pension
Use the tools provided below to get your Pension Tier, the amount of years TRS will use for your average salary, what your average salary will be for pension purpose, and finally the magic number: your Base Monthly Pension.
Alright! You’ve got your pension tier, your average salary for pension purposes, and the all important Base Monthly Pension number. We’re ready to move on.
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