The Teacher’s Retirement System of Texas is an awesome system, but with an equally awesome amount of pitfalls and complexity of choices and options to choose from. We know sometimes it takes an outsider to see through all the complexity and tell it to you straight. We built this guide for two reasons.

  • We found ourselves needing to really know the ins and outs of the TRS system to help our clients.
  • We wanted people to know the issues that they will need to grapple with as they work through their careers.

This guide is an evidence based guide. Some of the decision we will walk you through are difficult ones to face, leaving your career, the death of a loved one, even when to work longer than you wanted. We’ve gone to great pains to face these issues straight on so you could have some context and simple rules to help guide you.

We aim to educate, and share what we’ve learned with the great educators of this state. Our goal is to make this guide as accessible and accurate as possible. We welcome any comments, questions, or corrections you may have. You may send them to us by emailing info@owlfa.com, and we will do everything we can to swiftly correct any mistake, error, or omission.

Enjoy the guide.

Lee Mayfield, JD CFP®

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